My Boyfriend Wants to Sniff My Ass

This post’s title is written that way to address girls’ concerns. Some of the search engine terms I get are “why do men like sniffing women’s ass” and other related phrases. If women type the phrase above, perhaps my blog will be in the returned search results, and hopefully I can add clarity to their curiosity.

Ladies, if your boyfriend wants to sniff your asshole as in literally put his nose in between your ass cheeks and right up against your anus as well as lick your rear, as well as wanting to sniff the back of your pants and shorts as well as underwear after a long day of wear, it doesn’t mean he’s a freak or a psychotic pervert. Don’t break up with him over it, either. I’m sure that it’s a little unsettling to hear that someone you are intimate with wants to put his nose up close to that area. It’s daunting just thinking about it, right? I mean, the anus is the most private part of a girl’s body (any human being’s body, really).

But look at it from this perspective, ladies: it’s a compliment to you by your boyfriend — the fact that he wants to smell the natural scent of your body from your utmost private region. He enjoys your smell and finds your feminine scent intoxicating. A woman’s asshole is ripe with pheromones and likely contains, emits and secretes more pheromones in the skin/glands around the asshole than her vagina! Not an exaggeration or hyperbole! There are apocrine sweat glands all around a woman’s anus that get warm/hot and sweaty.

Ladies, think about when you get aroused. Ever been so physically hot where you are sweating all over, and your pussy juice and sweat mixes and drips down your ass crack? On the forefront, to you, it might sound disgusting and revolting! But it shouldn’t sound that way. All of the aforementioned are natural pheromones at work. Your own, natural bodily scent. It’s not disgusting; it’s what makes you a human being, a female, a woman!

An ass sniffing fetish is basically a niche fetish. It’s taboo. While there aren’t a whole lot of people online talking about it, I would like to go out on a limb and say most guys are into sniffing a girl’s asshole and being into her natural scent (the female he’s sexually attracted to, at least). Because it’s a taboo topic, hardly anyone are going out and saying aloud, “I love the smell of a woman’s asshole!” because if that did happen, the guy would be looked at as a complete weirdo. Sure, there are some guys that are NOT into the smell of a woman at all, but those guys are likely into vanilla sex, three minute missionary style sessions, and nothing more, nothing less.

Ladies, if you’ve ever done the 69 position with a guy, chances are that he’s sniffed/smelled your asshole.

And don’t get it twisted! Your man doesn’t want to smell what comes OUT of your anus! He wants to smell your natural scent! So take hygiene into question, but remember, when you sweat, your natural smell back there will drive the man who’s into you absolutely crazy!

There are a lot of detractors out there that say, “Hey! The asshole is NOT a sexual part of the body and should be excluded from such activities!” That, I disagree with. The people that spew the aforementioned nonsense also say, “Hey! It’s not natural to play with a woman’s asshole during sex!” You know what? A lot of things in life aren’t natural. Cooking food is a form of processing. Are cell phones natural? Are computers natural? Were we meant to use iPads and tablets? What about diet soda? How about vitamin k2 in pill forms? Are contraceptives natural?


I want to smell it. And then I want to kiss it. And then? Pound it.

Compared to the electronics and synthetic vitamins/’foods’ mentioned above, anal play and anal sex is very natural, and I’m sure men have been enamored with women’s assholes since the beginning of time. Hell, heterosexual men LOVE to adore and worship a woman’s body! Let alone become intoxicated by her amazing scent!

Can I prove pheromones with peer reviewed studies and intellectual readings about the natural substances that attract mates? No, I can’t, but it only makes sense that we as humans also give off pheromones. Look up “Pheromone Parties” on Google or the search engine of your choice. Haven’t you ever been attracted to someone else’s scent? Ever? Even before I hit puberty, whenever I’d see a woman with a round ass, I felt naturally attracted to her and just wanted to sniff and lick between her cheeks. Chalk that up to the years 1999-2001 and the beautiful asses of Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler.

Later in life, when I began dating, I loved even cuddling with my girlfriends (yes, a guy that loves cuddling with women; most do, I reckon). Holding them and taking in their natural scents! And girls, I’m sure you love the natural scent of your man, whether you want to admit it or not. No, I’m not talking about ‘back there’, but rather the smell of your man’s neck, his armpits and even, dare I say, his balls (as long as, just like you, he’s hygienically taking care of himself with daily showers/baths). I remember being away from past girlfriends for a few days, and I’d leave behind a shirt I’d worn and they’d wear it, just to smell my scent. Or I’d even give them the pillow I sleep on. Past girlfriends requested such.

Now, ladies, you might say, “Ew! Armpits and ballsacks?! DISGUSTING! Get the fuck out of here with your thoughts!” … Well, it’s true. When you are highly aroused, don’t you LOVE the smell of your partner, if you are equally attracted to him? If you say no, you really need to evaluate your life and ask if you are attracted to him.

Scents are a part of life and very much a part of sex. Smell is underrated, sexually. Ever heard of fragrances (cologne/perfume) mixing with body chemistry? Pheromones.

Ladies, you don’t have to let your man sniff your asshole, but let me tell you, it would change his world forever if you’d let him. I recognize the fact that you might be insecure about that area and how you smell back there. But if you man wants to bury his nose in between your plump buns, why not let him? What’s wrong with at least trying it out a couple of times (at least two or three times).

Another benefit to allowing a man to sniff your asshole is that, if you are bent over a bed and he’s doing it, chances are that he’s going to exhale from his mouth and your pussy is going to tingle from the effects of his warm breath gracing your lips, which will send an intense sensation down your spine (old girlfriend’s anecdote).

The smell of your asshole can potentially make a man cum all over the place. If he wants to smell your scent, it’s because he finds you beautiful and sexy! He’s not a freak; he’s just a man that loves you and is attracted to you in every way. What’s a better compliment, sexually/physically, than a man that loves the way you smell? Seriously.

Ladies, spread your ass cheeks apart and let your man bury his nose and tongue in your crack and anus (if he wants to). He’s giving you the best compliment in the world.

To all the men out there, would you like to see a post in the future about how to get your girlfriend to let you sniff her asshole?? Leave a comment with feedback. Again, you can comment anonymously (this goes for everyone). Just enter a fake e-mail in the box.

15 responses to “My Boyfriend Wants to Sniff My Ass

  1. Buttman,

    I would LOVE a post about how to get your girlfriend let you sniff her ass! That’s what I’ve been craving. She lets me lick her ass occasionally, but she’s not fond of buttplay at all. She’s a germaphobe. Just getting her to sit on my face and let me lick her ass took forever. We tried sticking a finger in her ass a few times but she said it hurt (even though I only went one or two knuckles deep) and that it felt like she was shitting on me. I would like to show her this, but maybe after you write an article about how to get her to let me shove me nose back there.

    Thanks man!

  2. Ladies to elaborate on what he said, if you’ve ever done a 69 with a guy, he’s DEFINITELY smelled your ass, even if he didn’t necessarily want to. There’s no avoiding it in that position.

    That’s why it’s my favorite, I couldn’t care less about the blowjob part of it… well I could, but the sweet scent of a womans ass on my face is far sexier than the worlds best blowjob.

  3. this is a great post buttman its exactly what i think, more women need to see this and understand there boyfriends arent perverts because they love female ass.

  4. Yes the smell of a womens beautiful ass is intoxicating.One of the things I like is they all smell different.It can become like a drug.VERY ADDICTIVE.With the right women one whiff will make you shoot all over the place.Sundresses and leggings drive me insane.I will take ass sniffing ant day over a blow job.If women with nice butts charged men to sniff them they would not have to work a job

    • “If women with nice butts charged men to sniff them they would not have to work a job”

      So true Mark! Very well said! :)

      • Guys try this if you want to have one of the greatest orgasm you ever had.Have a women with a great round perfect ass sit on your face in the sunlight.Have her spread it and lower it up and down.The sight along with the smell will send you in to lala land.Then have her sit all the way down with your noise buried deep in her crack.The sun light will allow you to see the ass in 3D.It gives you way way better view.Have her grip your cock and pull it back as you savor the smell and sight of her beautiful ass.Be careful and not let her jack.Just let her squeeze and pull back on your cock.You will last longer and be in subspace.You will leak and twitch like never before.If the women is skilled in this fetish.She can make you cry out like a little boy.Its always best to let her sit on your face after shes been out doing things like working,shopping.working out.THE PRE HORMONES. ARE ROCKING AT THIS TIME.Trust me you will cum like you never have.She may have to put a sock in your mouth to muffle your screams.

  5. Considering that you’re a girl. You definitely let him smell and lick your ass especially if it has been unwashed for a few days. Guys love the smell and taste of an unwashed female ass.


  7. I feel extremely privileged to have found a girlfriend who completely understands and gets my addiction to the smell of her stinky asshole. She plays the game like a pro. She will deliberately not shower for days just to build up her stink for me. She will offer me her ass after a workout, or after netball. she gives me ‘hits’ of her ass, so when she gets home from work she’ll bend over in the kitchen and say ”have a hit” or first thing in the morning before I go to work, or in risky places like when we’re out or at a friends house, she will quickly lift her skirt and spread her ass and I’ll have a quick hit. I smell her ass almost everyday, she goes doggy on the bed and puts a show on and I’ll just sniff her asshole and wank, she’s always interested to know how it is, is it a good one? Is it not? Most recently she’s asked what she can do to make it better and she suggested not wiping her ass and if I would like that. If never really thought of that it we’ve now tried it once and it was incredible, also she now makes me ‘fresh’ ones by letting me know straight after she’s gone to the toilet so I can have a go. She also does ‘try before you buy’ where she’ll let me have a sniff to see if it’s any good or if it needs another day or two. It took a while to convince her, lots of talking and testing and trying and convincing her it was OK and not pervy and weird, and once she fully accepted that in fact what she had at her disposal was a very powerful weapon, once she realised my addiction and infatuation with her stinky asshole, and understood that it was HER smell that I loved she completely got it and has now turned out to be an absolute master of the stinky ass game. When you find one guys hold on tight and never let her go!!

  8. I am all for sniffing , tasting , admiring , watching , playing and doing everything else with a females asshole … it’s a true site of beauty and a real cathartic experience for me . It’s an obsession i won’t grow out of but ……………… how are all you ignoring on this thread about female butt holes ….. the fucking picture of the under age girls hugging as child hood friends …. with a caption that reads “round ass galore” under neath it … i am into mature , adult , women fuck holes and nothing else …. you people are fucking sick .

    • Listen here.

      Both girls (Cienna and Lexie) in that picture were 18-years-old at the time it was taken. Now, they are both turning 20 in the next few months. Do you know how I know? It’s because I know them, you fucking idiot.

      Next time, think a little bit before you make an invalid presumption, you illiterate, self-righteous prick. I’m banning your IP from the site. Do you understand what that means? It means that your hate mongering dipshit self can no longer leave comments that will be read, as they’ll be automatically marked as spam.

  9. I love to have a really dirty girlfriend who goes days without cleaning her unwashed sweaty ass, and she makes me smell and lick it, it is my dream to find one.

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