Why Women Should Do Squats for Nicer Asses

Last year, I mentioned that one of my ‘outside‘ interests is nutritional science. As an addition to that, I’m a personal trainer. I have loads of stories to tell in regards to this line of work and the people I’ve met, but that’s neither here nor there (for now).

It is my sworn duty as a horny-as-fuck male that appreciates and is obsessed with a fine, round, plump female ass to eliminate the scourge of flatassery in every way. Part of the plan involves the females in line for a bouncy booty to lift something that is supposed to be heavy. Some women hit the genetic jackpot and have incredible asses (that make all of us men drool). Some women have asses that have the potential to be incredible, but there’s something shading the beauty of the potentiality of ‘dat ass‘. Others are completely flat! But that can change. “Can I have a nice ass that drives guys crazy?” is the question — “Yes”, is the answer. However, women offer the strongest resistance to weight training, and they all use the same ridiculous excuse:

“I don’t want to get huge!”

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Ladies, I have news for you. One round of squats will not magically transform you into the She-Hulk. In fact, you aren’t going to “get huge” at all, unless you embark on years of very specific training and nutritional regimes with testosterone injections and steroids.

Listen, girls don’t have testicles nor do they produce anywhere near as much testosterone (a key building block of muscle). Look at all the guys who try to get huge and don’t. Girls, you are NOT going to get hugh. Lift heavy weight.

By the way, you know a strength training celebrity most women would aspire to look like? Jessica Biel. ‘Nough said.

Although most girls worry that lifting weights will reduce their femininity, it’s usually the reverse. Thin is a hell of a lot better than fat, but I (and most guys I know) love a girl with tone. Observe the above, and now this:


One of my clients from the gym. Squats, baby.

One of my clients from the gym. Squats, baby.

What's your thoughts about that ass?

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