Women and Anal Sex 101

Originally published on my old blog “Butts I’d Like to Sniff” on April 13, 2012

Pussies are sweet. I love the pathos of the female cleft. I love the contrast between the dark triangle and the pale skin of the naked brunette. I love the promise of pleasure.

Thing is, I also love a woman’s backdoor. Thing with that, also, is, not every female is down for it, and many have tried it only one time and had a horrible experience with a terrible sex partner, which left them less then enthusiastic about taking one back there for an encore.

The women that announce, “Anal sex is gross” irk me, however, because of the hypocritical elements of that phrase.

A vagina is a stinking, smelly hole that spews pus, urine, blood, afterbirth and fecal matter (yes, it gets there)… and people are saying anal sex is gross?

Let me give you all a lesson: good sex is dirty. It involves sweating and hard, passionate thrusts. Sex isn’t a controlled experiment in a sterile lab.

2 responses to “Women and Anal Sex 101

  1. its got nothing to do with it being dirty. sometimes i refuse to do it because of the size of the guy’s cock. vaginas have no nerve endings, so i can take a big thick cock in my pussy. but try stuffing a thick cock in my arse and it’s fucking painful. i’ll consent to anal sex with smaller cocks, but if you’re going to make me bleed for a week afterwards, im not down with it.

  2. I always say the same thing to ass detractors. When they say its gross I say “and a blood and piss leaking fish hole isn’t?” I love the pussy, but realistically the ass is probably cleaner. And smells SO much better

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