Butt Sniffing Reveries of High School Girls

When I was in high school, the school itself practically represented a mecca of hot pieces of ass.

A lot of girls weren’t hot, and maybe not even pretty, but some of the types that were neither had a special sexy quality to them depending on their butts and the jeans/shorts they’d wear to accentuate their derrieres.

During some classes, there would be so much downtime, and my dick would ache as I sneakily checked out the way the fuckable girls in the class were sitting. Wearing their tight jeans, I couldn’t help but pay attention to the contours of the way their jeans perfectly fit their bottoms as they sat. My mind would flood with intense, sexual thoughts of sniffing the back of their jeans. Wearing tight jeans like that would certainly encapture the natural scent of the assholes even if their underwear would be in the way.

And speaking of underwear, I’d get excited if a girl’s was visible, but even more-so if she was wearing regular panties (low-rise, booty shorts, cheekies, whatever) rather than thongs. While thongs are sexy, the panties like the aforementioned contain more fabric and will absorb more of her sweat and scent, not to mention they’ll wedge in between her cheeks during the day, which is hot.

I still remember when a girl by the name of “Kelle” told this one teacher (a female) to “sniff her asshole and to lick it while ‘she’ was at it!” She said that with such conviction, with every bit of an insult instilled in that phrase. But me? Being the depraved son of a bitch that I am, I was instantly turned on. Kelle was a hot redhead with a pretty nice ass. Over the course of school, whenever I’d see her I constantly thought about sniffing, kissing, licking and fucking her asshole.

Late in senior year, when I was with my first love (and as I’ve written about her before, she — of course — knew about my affinity for her butt), we were in the auditorium (the whole senior class), and I ran my finger down into the back of her shorts and rubbed her butthole. It was such a rush.

Hot girl. Tiny top; tiny, tight shorts; thick, lickable thighs; summer day? The back of her shorts NEED to be sniffed. And Yeah, her asshole is sweaty and needs to be sniffed, kissed, licked, worshiped and fucked hard.

Hot girl. Tiny top; tiny, tight shorts; thick, lickable thighs; summer day? The back of her shorts NEED to be sniffed. And Yeah, her asshole is sweaty and needs to be sniffed, kissed, licked, worshiped and fucked hard.

Looking back, the whole four years represented an interesting time period overall. My hormones were going fucking crazy, and they were only exacerbated by the amount of primetime ass grasped by tight jeans and tiny short-shorts.

If I could go back in time to that period, knowing what I know now, with who I am today and my current personality and having experienced what I have but go back to do things over again, I’d be more assertive with girls and would ask as many of the ones with nice, sniffable asses out as possible. Rejection doesn’t bother me nowadays. Back then, I was scared to death. But goddamn it, I think about all the tight, virgin assholes of the beautiful girls that I could have sniffed and licked. It kind of bothers me now, but you know what? At least I met my first love back then. I fucked a couple of girls before her, but never really PRESSED my nose up against their buttholes like I wanted to; I just sniffed closely, but I had to be careful.

But man oh man, if I could go back in time knowing what I know now… god… you know the Kelle girl that I mentioned a few paragraphs above? I would have done anything in the world to have gotten in bed with her. Now? She doesn’t look nearly as good as she did. She’s had a couple of kids. In fact, most of the beautiful girls from back then have reduced in quality. Kids + work = stress. Sigh. It’s a damn shame. But I regret never going after Kelle and fucking the absolute shit out of her. Goddamn it. Maybe I wouldn’t have succeeded, but I didn’t even try! And that’s the part that bothers me!

But again, good things came out of those years. A great thing in general. Those days were years ago.

By the way, folks, I’ll eventually write a post about talking your girlfriend into letting you sniff her asshole. Now, you can’t make anyone let you do something, so it’s not a 100% guarantee she’ll listen to your pleas, BUT it will be a post about helping her understand why you want to and how to calm her down if she thinks that it’s ‘weird’ or that she ‘stinks’ back there.

One response to “Butt Sniffing Reveries of High School Girls

  1. I agree completely with you about two things in particular:

    1) School days were so great for checking out girls asses and having access to them with the hope of a sniff date. Imagine putting buttsniffers like us in a contained area with hundreds of young girls. Damn.

    2) I love your comments on panties. I am completely in agreement. I love girls in bikini style panties or similar much more than thongs — although I wouldn’t turn down sniffing a girl’s butt because she was wearing a thong.

    Great topic!

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