I Want to Sniff AJ Lee’s Ass

This is a repost from my old blog “Butts I’d Like to Sniff”:

I’ve written posts about Trish Stratus’s assStacy Keibler’s ass, and now I’m writing one about current WWE diva AJ Lee’s ass.

I’m going to get this out of the way: it’s funny how, when I was a kid and teenager, WWF/E programming and its divas were so wanton and salacious. I mean, back then, WWF/E would have bra and panties matches (diva vs. diva — the winner would prevail after stripping her opponent from her clothes), the divas would dress as slutty as possible (I had no problem with that!) and plenty of divas would sign a deal to have a Playboy photoshoot! At my age, those ol’ formative years, I would drool over the thoughts of sniffing, licking and fucking the assholes of Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, etc. after a match. I always wondered how sweaty their assholes would be!

Today, the WWE product is very vanilla, PG-oriented and the divas are quite bland compared to the days of old. Now, that doesn’t mean that the women over the years are less attractive — it’s just that they are more reserved and less slutty, which saddens me now that I’m an adult and practically hornier than ever. I stopped watching WWE in 2004, but my interest was piqued in 2011 when I heard The Rock (someone I looked up to as a kid/early teen) was coming back. Now, from 2004 onwards, I tuned in here and there, but the entertainment value wasn’t nearly as high in quality as it was from 1997-2002, but that’s another story for a different blog/place.

Nonetheless, there’s a diva today by the name of AJ Lee. She’s petite, but has incredible legs and a CUTE ass! Now, Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler top my “Hall of Fame” when it comes to pro wrestling divas and their booties and there is no diva of today that will ever be able to adequately compare, but for a modern day booty-wielder, AJ Lee’s ass is cute, and I wouldn’t hold back for a second if I had the shot to bury my nose in between her ass cheeks and sniff. Given that opportunity, I think my tongue would be wore out because AJ’s asshole would be drenched in my spit/slobber.

ajlee3 ajlee2 ajlee1

AJ Lee’s gimmick is to be a ‘crazy bitch’. Right now she’s a heel (‘bad’), and she’s done a pretty nice job at it. The whole bad girl, slutty angle has worked well with her. Her facial expressions, eye tilts, and oh fuck it, fuck all of that unnecessary nonsense. Fucking WWE needs to put her in a goddamn thong and have her prance around the ring. We need to see these modern girls show some skin. Good god. There was a WWE diva that I’ll do a post on someday by the name of Eve Torres — I also want to sniff her asshole. She’s no longer part of the company, but Eve played the whole heel secretary role well… short skirts, amazing legs and an ass that needed to be SKLF’ed (sniffed, kissed, licked and fucked).

But back to AJ, digressing from the sidetracking above, she’s hot as fuck, and I want to sniff her asshole.


18 responses to “I Want to Sniff AJ Lee’s Ass

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  2. I’ve thought about eating her ass for a long time. Its funny when I just did a google search on fucking aj lee, ur post was the first that showed. Looks like I aint the only one obsesed with her ass. She’s such a hot little slut, I want to taste that asshole of hers, as she talks dirty, then pull her hair as I anal doggy her. Can u imagine her as a porn starlet, shed be so fucking amazing. I want aj lee more than anyother woman in this world!!

    • I agree, my friend. For such a little girl, she sure does have a sexy pair of thighs and a meaty ass packed into those tiny jean shorts. Sniffing her panties and ass after a long, hot, sweaty match on Raw or at a pay-per-view would be a sheer delight.

      Because of her wild persona with her character in ol’ wrasslin’, you are right — she would be an amazing pornstar. Unf. Getting turned on just thinking about it!

      • Do you think ass phermones are stronger after a good sweat session? In that case I can only imagine how awesome it would be to sniff her ass before I have it for desert.

  3. We had some good matches with aj and call us on our number 079101244842 for nikki but for brie 0667041221

  4. Its funny how before aj gets in the ring she bends her ass over all kindsds mm…. and now on USA they don’t show her doing that anymore they fucken suck and I can only imagine how tight her ass and pussy is

  5. I’d tongue her ass for hours and you can be sure as hell she would be made to do the same damn thing to me, this tiny little lick spittle would be ragged round, tied up like a pretzel and have every hole destroyed even her nostrils.

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