Sniffing a Girl’s Ass

As of today, my old blog Butts I’d Like to Sniff is gone. Why? Long story. But it was not in my control. I am back, however, after much debate with myself as to whether or not I should come back and do this all over again at the risk of losing my content once more.

All of my loyal readers/followers? Gone. But I am back. Hopefully they find me, and if you know me, welcome back. I’m the same guy that created “Butts I’d Like to Sniff” and had a successful run. Now, with “Sniffing Ass”, the same style of posts will take over.

I’ll be re-posting plenty of my old posts (not all of them, unfortunately, as I lost many). Enjoy. New posts will be back soon.

— The Buttman
August 8, 2013

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How to Get Your Girlfriend to Let You Sniff Her Ass


If you need to contact me privately, send me an e-mail at — whatever you send me, I might not reply given the content or I might post what you send me unless you request that I do not (if it’s a personal story or question).

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with attractive girls’ butts. (Attractive is subjective; what you find attractive, I may not. What I find attractive, you may not. Let it be.)

A caveat first: I’m not some old guy living in a basement off of scraps of pizza crust. No. I’m a guy in my 20s with an extremely high sex drive and wild libido, and my fetishes include everything about the female ass. This blog will feature everything entirely related to females.

This is about butts, facesitting, butt sniffing, butt licking, anal sex… everything related to that of a female.

No, I’m not into scat or smelling feces. No. If you think so, you are clearly wrong. That’s not what this is about.

Females naturally produce pheromones in their anal region (as well as copulins through vaginal secretions). For example, say a woman showers in the morning and goes about her busy day, she will naturally sweat and pheromones will build up. The smell of a girl’s ass after a busy day is indescribable.

My first love, she would shower in the morning and do the above. Oftentimes, she would shower in the morning, head to the gym, come back home still sweaty, lie on the bed on her stomach and let me sniff her rear end. Obviously, she didn’t just agree to it immediately, but I’ll write about how it all came about later in a blog post, and link to it through this page.

If you have ever sniffed or licked a girl’s ass, you would understand where I’m coming from. Hell, even if you haven’t, you might be able to understand where I’m coming from, especially if you’re into sniffing female underwear.

If this offends you or disgusts you, LEAVE. Prudes are not allowed here.

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